AMSCC participation at ESDC «European Union facing hybrid threats challenges» Course, Brussels, 8th - 10th December 2020.

2020, December 15 - 1:19pm

The French Institute for Higher National Defense Studies (IHEDN) organized within the European Security and Defence College (ESDC) a course dedicated to “European Union facing hybrid threats challenges.

Hybrid threats and hybrid war is a challenge for every environment, Country, and International Organization.

Maritime environment and maritime issues could largely be impacted by irregular and/or illegal, critical, and unusual situations that such threats can provoke, commonly “under the threshold of normal situational awareness".

The AMSCC collects and analyzes real-time commercial market information on available multimodal capabilities (mainly but not exclusively focus on the strategic sealift) on a global level, supports users’ logistics operational planning, and coordinates the response efforts by matching available assets to users’ requirements.

Gray zone activities of hybrid threats could drastically increase vulnerabilities in all transportations especially in the Maritime and Air Domain (Seaports/ airports/hubs and finally in the emerging need for real field strategic transport assets).

Disturbances in the transportation domain are negatively correlated to an increase in the cost, the direct impact on the manning cost, expecting companies that will increase their fees, anticipate delays in the shipping of the goods, increased insurance fees, finally all that could result in the loss of real business.

In most cases, delays will increase the prices of goods and services.

The study of the tools and instruments that the EU and NATO have at their disposal to counter such different challenges is an ongoing effort and process for AMSCC.

Captain (N) Nikolaos METAXAS GRC, P.A.O. of AMSCC, joined the full on-line version of the course.