Director's CV

Captain Petros Stellakis appointed as Director of the Athens Multinational Sealift Coordination Centre (AMSCC) on 5th of August 2020, after having 8 years NATO experience at operational and strategic level.

In this position he is responsible for the overall co-ordination of the AMSCC, ensuring effective and efficient operation, resource, and performance management.

His military education began in 1985 at the Hellenic Naval Academy. The year of 1991 he trained and qualified as a submarine staff officer with a following career in Hellenic Submarines. Meanwhile, he got his Master’s degree in Business Administration (Piraeus University, Greece). Additionally, he attended senior military courses, in issues of Defence Policy and National Strategy and graduated from the National Staff College (2006) and the Hellenic National Defence College (2011).

Prior to joining AMSCC, Petros Stellakis served, as Section Head in Defence Policy Directorate of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (2015-2020), providing recommendations for national military policy in NATO. Moreover, NATO Allied Command Operations experience gained in Maritime Command (MARCOM HQ), where he performed the duties of Staff Officer for Submarine Plans and Policy Branch (2012-2015).

In early years of his career, he developed his professional skills on planning, human resources management, training, international military cooperation and public relations, in the various posts of the Hellenic Submarine Command (Branch Head of Human Resources, 2009-2011; Branch Head of Plans & Operations, 2008-2009; Director of Submarine School, 2007-2008). At the tactical level, he served in Hellenic Submarines as a crew (1991-2001) and as Commanding Officer (2002-2006).

Highly educated and qualified, self -disciplined with experience in defense diplomacy, naval operations, maritime security, works proactively and reliable, driving necessary changes in the Organization, in order to build value-based relationships.

Captain Petros Stellakis is married to Stavroula and they have two adult children, Danae and Dionysis. He loves a wide variety of sports, music and likes to travel.