Quality Policy

The AMSCC mission is to conduct planning & coordination of strategic sealift aiming at providing its services in the framework of the relevant international agreements (MOU) signed with Countries & International Organizations after the reception of a formal request.

Our vision is the AMSCC’s recognition as an important strategic transport stakeholder at international level.

Our Objectives are:

›         Establishment of cooperation with shipping companies.

›         The increase in the number of customers (States and International Organizations).

›         The Promotion of multinational staff officers.

›         Maximize efficiency and autonomy.

In order to achieve the above objectives we express our commitment to the following principles:

  • Excellent communication between the Center’s Personnel.
  • Continuous high level training of the AMSCC’s Personnel.
  • High level reliability of our cooperation’s with Partners and Suppliers and continuous monitoring and evaluation of them.
  • Compliance with quality, time and financial commitments.
  • Optimization of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Continuous monitoring of legislation and implementation of all applicable laws and regulations
  • Continuous improvement of effectiveness of the Quality Management System procedures, according to ISO 9001:2015.