1.   Freight rates volatility. AMSCC is working on addressing the volatility of freight rates by agreeing on preplanned sealift packages with shipping community within reasonable cost range per trading area for the benefit of the users. Freight rates are changing almost on a daily basis depending on a number of geopolitical, economical or commercial factors. For that reason, it is key for the AMSCC, on the one hand to maintain awareness on how the freight rates are fluctuating in order to be able to negotiate future transportation costs and on the other hand to try to bind sealift providers on reasonable cost range.

2.   Vessels availability. The competition among shipping companies operating vessels in spot market and the demand and supply of sealift services, may influence enormously the vessel availability on particular routes. AMSCC is working hard on spot market responsiveness in terms of vessels availability, by making framework agreements with shipping service providers.

3.   Multi Modal Lift. Even though AMSCC is mainly a sealift service provider specialized personnel on land and air transportation are working on putting together multi modal transportation packages.