director1   The Athens Multinational Sealift Coordination Center (AMSCC) is a multinational entity which was established in 2004 upon a decision made by the Hellenic Ministry of Defense (MOD). In cooperation with the Hellenic Chamber of shipping and a significant number of  Shipping Companies, the AMSCC is aiming at contributing to mitigation of the strategic sealift shortfalls in NATO, EU and UN-led  Operations and Exercises.

AMSCC can provide significant advantages like:
- services free of charges
- facilitation in chartering procedures
- use of Center Vessel Data Base (Pool of Vessels) in emergencies case, increasing the probability of accomplishing the sealift request.



The AMSCC mission is to conduct planning & coordination of strategic sealift aiming at  providing its services in the framework of the relevant international agreements (MOU) signed with Countries & International Organizations after the reception of a formal request.


Our Parties-Customers